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Not just design, but price and a high strength to weight rations make blister packs popular in the following industries: food and beverage, sporting goods, electronics, medical, appliance, automotive, cosmetics and telecommunications. Extremely diverse, these beneficial packaging materials are clear allowing the protection and display of such diverse items as toys, capsules, craft supplies, hardware and electronics. Read More…

Blister Packs Blister packs encompass a broad grouping of pre-formed thermoplastic packaging consisting of semi-rigid plastic shells. These forms may consist of two plastic sides sealed together, as with clamshells, or may be backed with cardboard or foil as needed to best suit a given application. Though mainly used in packaging, the design of blister packs makes them popular in a number of manufacturing and retail industries.
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Greeneville, TN  |  423-638-1284

Valk’s policy is “to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements, working together as a team with honesty and integrity.” Valk’s success is due to their long standing focus on quality & customer service.

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Valk Industries, Inc. $$$

New Milford, CT  |  860-354-0885

For over 40 years, Conlet Plastics has been a leader in vacuum forming. They serve a wide variety of industries including medical, airline, automotive and signage, with high-quality products that are reasonably priced & delivered on time.

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Conlet Plastics, Inc. $$$

Lake Bluff, IL  |  847-604-5100

Since 1960, Profile Plastics Inc. has been at the forefront of thermoforming technology. Utilizing the latest software and technology, our expert staff of engineers can design custom vacuum, pressure, and twin-sheet thermoformed solutions. Over the last 60 years, we have developed a process that allows us to deliver consistent, high volume, and precise products with superior quality. Our high quality products are manufactured with great attention to detail. ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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Profile Plastics, Inc. $$$

Stirling, NJ  |  908-647-3500

Engineered Plastic Products custom forms & fabricates sheet thermoplastic materials, standard & specialized, for any number of industrial & commercial requirements. EPP has been widely recognized for outstanding manufacturing & service since 1958 for companies such as GE, NASA & AT&T. Custom fabricated parts can be as large as 72"x108" down to 2"x2" in any thickness up to 1 1/2". Post-forming includes all types of machining & assembly.

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Engineered Plastic Products, Inc. $$$

Muncie, IN  |  765-286-0533

Arrowhead has been in the heavy gauge thermoforming industry since 1972. Current machinery includes single station shuttle machines that can form parts up to 120” by 72” and rotary vacuum forming machines that can form parts up to 108” by 108”. The plant also has 5-Axis CNC routers with a cutting envelope of 120” by 60” X 48” for precision part trimming and a FARO arm for precision measuring and scanning. We have experience thermoforming a wide range of different polymers for many different industries.

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Arrowhead Plastic Engineering, Inc. $$$

McSherrystown, PA  |  717-633-6333

Founded in 1986, SAY Plastics is a plastics processor specializing in OEM thermoforming. Our state-of the-art facility, located in South Central Pennsylvania, houses the latest manufacturing technologies. From our computer controlled forming equipment and our vacuum molding capabilities, to our brand new high speed CNC Routers, SAY Plastics has the tools for your next project. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure quality service every time.

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SAY Plastics, Inc. $$$

Coleman, MI  |  877-465-4055

Robinson Industries offers thermoformed and injection molded reusable, heavy duty plastic pallets, packaging and more. We are one of the largest suppliers of reusable pallets to many industries.

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Robinson Industries $$$
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Single-use or single dose pharmaceuticals such as contact lenses and pills are also commonly packaged in this way as it provides clear dosing amounts and instructions with a protective and sterile barrier. The airtight seal on blister packs improves the shelf life of food based and medical products and also creates a tamper resistant and tamper evident closure for consumer safety. Blister packs may be individual or conjoined to form what is known as a blister card. Other names for blister packs commonly include blister strips and bubble backs.

Blister Packs, Shrink Wrap, and Clamshell Packaging Blister Packs - MARC, Inc.

One of the most frequently employed vacuum formed plastic products, blister packs can be produced through vacuum molding, thermoforming, or pressure forming as needed. Each technique involves an assembly-line known as a blister-line which performs a series of processes. In general, vacuum forming begins with a plastic sheet from a roll or extruder which is fed into a pre-heating stage which uses electric, infrared or natural gas heaters to warm the sheet to the temperature at which they become soft and pliable. The warm sheet is then guided into a form station where it is pressed into a mold, usually the inverse of the product to be contained.

A vacuum is used to pull the material into the mold while the material is cooled back to a rigid state. Reverse airflow may be used to break the vacuum hold and eject the newly made form which then undergoes trimming and coating as needed. Cold forming may also be used in the manufacture of blister packs, though is more expensive and time consuming as compared to the aforementioned molding methods and is therefore used infrequently.

In any event, backings of cardboard and foil are applied with the use of strong adhesives while plastic sheet backings are welded or heat sealed to the form once the product has been properly placed. The plastic sheet from which these singular or conjoined units are constructed is most commonly clear polyvinyl chloride or PVC. This may be coded for added moisture resistance though alternative materials such as PCTFE and COC may instead be used when such qualities are desired.

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