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Though the term clamshell may apply to a number of devices that consist of two hinged parts and open and close in a fashion similar to the two shells of a clam, it is most commonly applied to the plastic packaging of this design. Read More…

Clamshells Clamshells are specially-shaped plastic containers with two hinged halves composed of rigid plastic that when sealed together encapsulate a product.

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Valk’s policy is “to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements, working together as a team with honesty and integrity.” Valk’s success is due to their long standing focus on quality & customer service— that means you’re not going to find a better place to satisfy your vacuum formed plastic needs. As a registered ISO 9001:2008 company, Valk is committed to continually improving.

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Since 1960, Profile Plastics Inc. has been at the forefront of thermoforming technology. Utilizing the latest software and technology, our expert staff of engineers can design custom vacuum, pressure, and twin-sheet thermoformed solutions. Over the last 50 years, we have developed a process that allows us to deliver consistent, high volume, and precise products with superior quality. Our highly aesthetic products are manufactured with great attention to detail. ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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For over 40 years, Conlet Plastics has been a leader in vacuum forming. They serve a wide variety of industries including medical, airline, automotive and signage, with high-quality products that are reasonably priced & delivered on time. They are fully equipped for prototypes or production of many kinds of blister packs. They also offer in house tooling capabilities.

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Stirling, NJ  |  800-304-3774

EPP, Inc. is a manufacturer of thermoplastic materials. They provide a full range of services to meet any part requirement, including quality & affordable vacuum forming services, as well as post-forming operations, which are subject to quality control. Their commitment to customer service is why they have the recognition as an outstanding source for a wide range of formed & fabricated products.

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Robinson Industries offers thermoformed and injection molded reusable, heavy duty plastic pallets, packaging and more. We are one of the largest suppliers of reusable pallets to many industries because of our expertise based on 65 years in business, our completely in-house process and our high quality certifications including ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Join the Robinson Family today!

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When it comes to vacuum forming we are the experts! Come see the difference when you work with true professionals as we astound you with our amazing levels of customer service. We have made it one of our primary goals that we provide our customers with products that will withstand the test of time to provide a lifetime of value. For more information on how to get started with us visit our website today!

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Most commonly made of clear polyvinyl chloride or PVC, durable clamshell containers are preferred by retailers as they provide increased product visibility from several different angles. Clamshells also protect products from environmental factors while deterring theft and tampering as they are difficult to open, often requiring the use of a knife or scissors. Despite there rugged construction, clamshells are lightweight with a high strength to weight ration that makes them suitable and inexpensive for product display, packaging and shipment.

Clamshell Product Packaging Clamshells - Valk Industries, Inc.

Such versatility makes clamshells among the most popular plastic packaging forms available and they are commonly employed in such varied industries as food, cosmetic, medical, entertainment, household appliances, office supply, packaging, clothing, retail and electronics. Custom and stock forms are widely available in a number of different shapes and sizes. Molds are often based off of a specific product to ensure the best fit and visibility.

A number of plastic forming processes can be implemented in the production of clamshell containers. Thermoforming and vacuum forming processes begin with sheets of PVC that are fed into electric, natural gas or infrared heaters. Materials are warmed until they become pliable and soft, at which point they are guided into a forming station. A mating mold and pressure box enclose the sheet before a vacuum is used to remove all excess air, pulling the plastic into the mold.

Pressure forming is used when precision molding is desired or required as high air pressure causes greater adherence to the mold allowing for the production of finer detail in the finished clamshell than thermoforming alone. In either case, the PVC is cold while still on the mold. Once rigid reverse air flow ejects the clamshell which may be two separate components or on a single sheet that is folded to create a hinge.

Once the product is placed within the shell, the edges are fused through heat treatments, welding or stamping to create an airtight case. The most common types of clamshells include tri-fold clamshells which have a flat bottom for standing on display, clamshell trays which combine packaging with product display and egg crate clamshells which hold and divide several like products such as golf balls.

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